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How could you deprive this face?

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Manโ€™s Other Best Friend

rocket & rex reusable training pads are better for your floors, your wallet, and the environment. Your only regret will be that you didnโ€™t try them sooner!

Reusable Training Pads

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  Chew Toy Variety Pack


Pure Petfection

As the daughter of a dog rescue phenom (well, sometimes fanatic...), I grew up in an environment where we consistently had a motley crew of four-legged friends running around the house. These pooches often enjoyed homemade chicken noodle soup while we had pb&js, and hogged the couch while we angled for a small corner of space.

rocket & rex was created from that ethos. Like our human children, our dogs deserve the best. While we try to keep our prices reasonable, we will never compromise on quality and performance. When you purchase a rocket & rex product, you and your pup can rest assured that you're getting the best from a company that cares.

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