rocket and rex waterproof pet blankets come in all sizes for small to large breeds
rocket and rex waterproof medium sized blankets are perfect for chairs, couches and full size beds
rocket and rex waterproof blankets come in all sizes, for small to large dogs and puppies
our waterproof blankets protect your couch from dog fur, dander, drool and messes
rocket and rex waterproof pet blankets make cleanup easy as water beads on the surface and doesn't leak through
rocket and rex medium waterproof pet blankets are perfect to protect bedding on a full size bed
rocket and rex waterproof pet blankets are soft faux suede on one side, fleece on the other with a waterproof lining in the center

Medium Waterproof Pet Blanket, Grey, 30 x 40"

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rocket & rex waterproof blankets are made with soft faux suede on one side and plush fleece on the other side, with a waterproof layer in the middle.

SIZE: Medium - 30 x 40"


  • 100% WATERPROOF AND LEAKPROOF - Made with a soft waterproof liner (no crinkly sounds!), our blankets feel extra soft and comfy for your pet, look beautiful in your home, and are totally water repellent. All liquids bead on the blanket surface, so you can easily wipe up any spills or leaks.
  • PROTECT FURNITURE FROM PET DIRT AND DROOL - Throw on your bedding and furniture to keep it clean from dog hair and fur, spills and puppy messes.
  • CHOOSE YOUR PERFECT SIZE - All sizes are made with soft faux suede on one side, plush fleece fabric on the other side, and a waterproof layer inside. Perfect protector for a bed, sofa, sectional, chair, etc.
  • ENDLESS USES - Our blankets are ideal for covering all size beds, lining a dogs crate or kennel, car travel, and protecting dog beds and furniture from chewing and scratching.
  • GETS SOFTER WITH WASHING - Machine washable and dryer friendly, our blankets are easy to care for and just get better over time. 

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